• Question: Forgot to say, fic recs are totally welcome, and wanted to ask what the actors/creator said about John/Cameron? - shesanearthgirl
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    Sorry it took so long … I got slammed with controversy with an opinion of mine. If you follow this blog you should get used to it. 

    What the actors and creators said about John and Cameron is pretty straight forward. Josh Friedman was never shy about claiming that John and Cameron were the love story subplot of the show.

    In all good Terminator stories you need a love connection of some sort to anchor the characters motivations. In T1 you had Kyle and Sarah and in T2 you had sort of a “boy and his dog” relationship between John and the T-800 and of course there is some people that say that it was John and Sarah’s relationship. Which is just as valid. But in TSCC John and Cameron were the main love story of the series overall and it actually made sense, because you need a powerful love of some sort to help build characters in the T-franchise. 

    If you want a front door and back door explanation to why John/Cameron work? I’d say that love builds heroes in the Terminator Universe. If you look at T1, Kyle’s love for Sarah is what made him the man he was. In T2, it was Sarah’s love for John that made her the woman she was, learning from Kyle’s example of his love for her. So when we get to John, it’s only logical from his upbringing and tradition that it’s going to have to be some sort of great love that would fuel him into becoming the man he becomes as it did for his parents.

    Now some people say that it has to be his love for Sarah … but as you see in TSCC it’s sort of a counter productive love, in that John’s rash actions to save/help Sarah actually ends up devolving his character. But if you look at everything that grows John’s character it’s always in reaction to Cameron in general. Some of his biggest moments throughout the series had everything to do with Cameron. From Samson & Deliah when he defied Sarah and Derek to save her. It was being pushed into the man he would become all to clear her name when Riley was murdered and confronting Jesse about his devotion to his Cyborg companion. Most importantly it was jumping into the future, erasing himself from time just to save her from John Henry.

    In summery John/Cameron are the perfect examples of how honest to god true love makes heroes. 

    If I were going to back door this Mutha … I would say that John falling in love with Cameron is all part of a logical characterization progression. Now think on it if you will. In T2 John becomes attached to the T-800. It becomes clear over the course of the movie and is said right out from Sarah’s lips, that John see’s it as a father and loves the machine as such. So if we were to take the logic applied in that movie than one might come to the conclusion that it is a natural progression of emotional attachment and acceptance of cyborgs that John could and would fall in love with a machine, especially a machine as unique and seemingly special as Cameron. Compiled that with the fact that she’s the amalgamation of both Kyle, the protector that fell in love with his assignment and the T-800 the machine that captured John young heart. I would argue that it only made sense that this Romeo & Juliet was the next logical step.

    Oh and Summer Glau was very vocal about how much Cameron loved John as was Thomas Dekker who was more logical about it, but confirmed it all the same,

    Long story short. 

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